Striding through the candle lit- light shaded staircase and revealing yourself to a fairly lit passage that leads you to fairy lighted steps that welcomes you with the words ‘ Welcome!’ followed by the words ‘Creating opportunities’ is sure to be undeniably unforgettable experience.

 What follows this is make it even so!

Moving into the auditorium being welcomed and ushered by the editors of the College Magazine and the administrators of the College Website that are to be launched  on the particular day- you feel dignified and privileged to be apart of the 400 present.

  The auditorium, the stage and everything in between were decorated with elegant and simple designs revealing their theme of ‘ minimalism’ that is present in both the College Magazine and the Website itself.

  The event kick started with the arrival of the dignitaries and guests. What followed all this would tinkle your nostalgia making you wish that you should have been a part of it!

  Everyone present was welcomed by the Vice principal of the College. The teacher in charge of the Media forum of the College was next on the stage as to reflect a brief introduction of the media forum. The Principal Presented the invitees with a speech that focused on the theme of Media. The Secretary of the OBA made it a point to discuss the importance of the media and he briefed about the College Website that was to be launched in the same night!

 The Students’ Media Forum presented the audience with a  video reflecting upon its vision, mission and its past activities.

 Now as excitement filled the air; the College Website was launched by the Principal, Secretary of the OBA and the Secretary of the SDC. It was not just a mere push of a ‘launch’ button but it was a big shout out of happiness in the fellow Zahirians and well-wishers ; as Zahira tops itself among the leaders in Social Media; re-branding the Website to meet the current trends is really impressive.

   A presentation was put up by the co-administrator bringing recognition to the new additions and values put into it!

The College journal – ‘The Zest’ was launched and the first copy was presented by the Editor-in-chief along with the co-editors to the Teacher-in-charge who in turn presented it to the Principal. Accordingly, the Chief Guest, sponsors, Guests of honor and Well-wishers were presented with magazines.

   The Board of editors made it an occasion to felicitate two important souls who were with them all along.

   The President of the Students’ Media Forum made it a point to award the volunteers who helped the team with organizing the event with certificates of appreciation.

   The Event summed up with an atmosphere filled with joy, love and return for all the affiliated sacrifices. It was a night to remember and be nostalgic about indeed!

 The  Principal, Master-in-charge of the College Media, Master in charge of the Students’ Media Forum, Board of editors, Zahira Families, Guests, Parents, Well-Wishers and the Organizing committee are sincerely thanked for an event of such prosperity.

Photographers- Ridha , Umair, Haamid

-Ammar Ahamed



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