The Balls made it to the basket !

Zahira College took on Rahula College in the 3rd place play-off of the U19 C division All Island Basketball tournament. Zahira College sailed through to victory as the final scorecard read 47-29.

Zahira College drew first blood in the game as Rahula College failed to capitalize on their maiden opportunity. Event though the defense of the Rahula College lads was tight, Anshaf made no mistake in swishing the nets. In reply the opponents opted for long range, downtown shots, falling short on many occasions. Zahira College led the game by three points at the end of the first ten minutes as the scorecard read 11-08.

Trailing the game by three points, Rahula College commenced the second quarter as they bought full value to a shooting foul on the line. They continued to showcase their impressive agility by intercepting a few passes although they lacked the necessary finishing touches to their shots to secure the baskets.

Zahira College, using their height advantage in defense, blocked off many shots of the opposition. Zahira maintained a slender lead, going into lemons.

Half Time : Zahira College – 17 Rahula College – 15

Finishing the ten minute break Anshaf got the party started with a lay in through the middle lane for the Zahirians. Rahula College was unfortunate, as many of their jumpers just bounced off the rim. Rahula College only managed a meager five points in the quarter.

Shifting the game away, Zahira College led the quarter by double figures as the scoreboard read 33-20.

The final 10 minutes of the game started off with the players from Zahira continuing to assert their dominance by scoring first and forcing the players from Rahula College to switch to a full court press early on in the quarter. Although Rahula College tightened their defensive game, the same could not be said for their offense. The two teams had a tendency to move without dribbling the ball causing a few turnovers for both teams. It wasn’t too much trouble for the Zahira players as they scored a few easy open baskets with the help of a few well timed assists. .

Full time: – Zahira College – 47 Rahula College – 29

Report & Photos: The Papere

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