Social Science Competitions

Zahira Bags 10 Places at the Provincial Level Social Science Competitions  2017; becoming the overall champions among the other Tamil Medium Schools in the said category. The Zahira community wishes them all ! The College is thankful to the teachers and Well-Wishers whose efforts brought out this fame. The names of the student, their category and their places are given here
Grade Name of the Student Place
06 M.F.F Farha Third
07 M.N Hafsa Third
08 M.F Aanisha First
09 M.A.F Asma First
10 M.T.F Hanna First
10 M.F Sumaiya Second
11 M.F Amar Abdullah First
12 & 13 M.R.F Risama First
12 & 13 M.R.F Faseela Second

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