Prefects’ Investiture 2018

The investiture ceremony of the prefects’ of the college took place on the 15 th of March 2018. It is of imperative importance that leaders are identified, nurtured and provisioned from youth. Accordingly the prefects take on an important role of being mentors and exemplars for the younger students while guiding them albeit to also defending and advocating the values and principles of the college; In this manner, the rigorously selected students who showed worthwhile leadership, work responsibility, sincerity and exemplary personality were conferred with their badges and their letters of appointment, giving them their powers and positions as prefects. Following which the prime positions of Head Prefect and Deputy Head prefects were appointed and vested. A souvenir too was launched in respective to this occasion. The ceremony was graced by the Principal, the guest of honor Mr. A.S Najeeb – the assistant director of education of the zone. There to witness this momentous occasion, along with college staff, were their parents and loved ones.

We Strongly believe that Leaders are those who find remedies and not faults,

The College hopes to see a dignifying progress through the Board of Prefects- destined to serve the college with love, sense and sincerity. The college is thankful to all those whose efforts brought out this successful grand ceremony.

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