National Meelad-Un-Nabi Competitions 2017

The College bagged 09 places in the Competitions that was held on the 04th and 05th of November 2017. The Students' names, event of participation and the place they acquired is as follows;

Name Event Place Class
M.M.F Shaheema Essay (English) First 08 E 2
M.A.F Hikma Qiraath Second 05
M.R.M Aashir Speech (Tamil) Second 10 A
R.A Aakif Ahamed Speech (Sinhala) Second 09 E
T.F.N Raasdhidha Speech(Sinhala) Second 10 Z
M.B.H Shaafiq Speech (Tamil) Third 08 C
M.N.F Amna Speech (Tamil) Third 08 Z
M.R Muaadh Speech (Sinhala) Third 06 E 1
The Names of the Students who participated in the 'traditional Song (Bakheer Baith)' that was placed second.
M.S.M Husni
M.S.M Nasnin
S Imadh
M.F Fawzan
M.Z Armash
M.S.M Saran
The College is thankful to Mr. Saifullah, Mr Naalim, Mrs Nameera Umma, Mrs Huznz, Mrs Maahira

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