The Media Unit of Zahira College Mawanella came into being in 2008 with a view to bringing about modernized media culture within the Zahira community at large. It deals with the media activities of the College, as well as that of the students, especially training the students. The mission took momentum with the introduction of media studies in the national curriculum and with the request of the system to form media club as quality circles. Thus, since inception, the Media Unit has been an active quality circle in the College with a great deal of achievement.

An informatics generation!

To give the College a vibrant media network and the students a dynamic media culture Goals
1.To give the College a media network
2.To develop a media studio I the College
3.To build the image of the College with here media activities
4.To train the students in the field of media

Goal 1
1.Launch, upgrade, update and maintain the web-site of the College, and social media pages
2.To streamline the College based web-sites and social media pages
3.To bring out the College biannual journal , The Zest’
4.To do the documentation of the events that take place in the College
5.To liaison with OZMA- Old Zahirian Media Association
Goal 2
1.To house the studio in a room
2.To pool the equipment required
.Goal 3
1.Upload web-site and social media pages
2.Introduce mechanism to improve interaction with the Zahira community at large
Goal 4
1.To run the Students’ Media Forum with students from the secondary classes: from grade 10 – 13
2.To train the students with workshops, seminars, field trips and school media activities
3.To arrange events like media days, weeks and months in the College
4.To take part in the media activities of other schools, and other institutions
5.To arrange media exhibitions
1.To launch the web-site and the social media pages like facebook and Twitter
2.To bring out the the Zest – one for 2017
3.To disseminates data for the social media pages fo the College supportive bodies
4.To give media coverage for the events that take place in the College
5.To house the Unit in a room which fairly big enough to install computers, printers and two desks
6.To arrange awareness programs, workshops, and field trips for the media members
7.To observe a media week
8.To observe the the national literary month and national reading month, which fall in September and October respectively
9.To give media coverage for the events: pics, videos, press release
10.To get our news publish-worthy in the mass media of the country
11.To introduce media studies in the school curriculum
12.To have an MOU with OZMA
Activities for 2017
1.To submit the media hand book for the year 2017/18
2.To launch the media activities in a ceremonial manner
3.To intake members to have 40 boys and 40 girls
4.To launch the web-site
5.To mobilized the ‘The Zest’ editors
6.To arrange a press media workshop for 2017
7.To take the members on a field trip for 2017
8.To house the Unit in a room
9.To install computers, and printers with Internet facilities
10.To introduce a uniform for the members
11.To appoint a board of advisers, especially non-academic population
12.To have a round of discussion with OZMA