Senior secondary level / Advanced Level

The students coming within the age range between 17 and 20 fall into the advanced level section. They come after qualifying themselves from the G C E O/L examination, which is held in grad 11. Zahira offers advanced level education in Tamil and English media in arts, commerce and science streams for her won students and students coming from her feeding areas like Hmmathagama, Uyanwatta, Delagahagoda, Ganetahnna, Pathampitiya, Kegalla, Rmbukkana, Dippitiya, etc. It also caters for the needs of students in the Sabaraagamuwa province and elsewhere from the island.

The subject combinations are as follows:


Subject Medium
Science Bilogy


  Combine d Mathematics Tamil/English
  Physics Tamil/English
  Chemistry Tamil/English
  ICT Tamil/English
Commerce Accounting Tamil/English
  Business Studies Tamil/English
  Economics Tamil/English
Arts English Literature English
  Geography Tamil/English
  Agriculture Tamil/English
  Tamil Tamil
  Political Science Tamil
  Logic Tamil
  Arabic Tamil/English
  Islam Tamil
  Islamic Civilization Tamil
  Hard technology Tamil/English

Hard technology is another special mission here at Zahira College Mawanella. It is taught in the special unit set by the Ministry of Education. There hard technology is taught in grade 12, and the children are taught civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or mechanical engineering, or ICT in grade 13.