Junior Secondary Level

Zahira College Mawanella offers Tamil medium total education at junior secondary level, along with bilingual education where certain key subjects are taught in the English medium. These children fall into the age range 11 -16


1st language, core subject

Mathematics    Core Subject
Science Core Subject
History Core Subject
Islam Religion, Core Subject
English 2nd language, Core Subject

Optional subjects
Health and physical education
Life competency and citizenship education
Practical technical skills

The students study these subjects until they face the public examination in grade 11. In fact, they study all these subjects until they come to grade nine. In grade nine, they choose three subjects from the optional subjects along with the six core subjects to make the total nine.

The students are trained to study in the bilingual classes as well. They study Maths and Science as core subjects, and Health and Physical Education, Geography, and Citizenship Education and Life Competencies in the English medium. They offer six subjects in English at O/L examination with English and English Literature.