The Code of Conduct of Zahira College, herein after called ‘the College’  has been drawn up with the age old practice found elsewhere in the College and with the suggestions put forward the interested parties namely, the Principal, the Management, academic staff, and the School Development Committee – SDC.


  1. To turn the national and local educational goals of the College into achievements
  2. To give the College the frame work to ensure the smooth flow of day-to-day activities
  3. To hand down the College culture the generation to come
  4. To bring about a well disciplined set of students
  5. To resolve conflicts in an institutionalized manner

Section 1 - Name of the College:

  1. The name of the college is: Zahira College Mawanella, and in official documents within brackets National School can be included). It shall not be called Zahira National School.
  2. Thus, every student should the College, Zahira College Mawanella

Section 2 - Studentship

  1. Every student who has admitted to school through the procedures stipulated by the Dept. of Education is considered as a student at Zahira College Mawanella
  2. Those who have entered the College have the admission number
  3. Those have the admission number and the names in the attendance register have rights and privileges of the College to have regular lessons and to participate in all extra-curricular activities
  4. Every students should submit legal birth certificate for admission, and leaving certificate if the students is coming from another school

Section 3 - Students’ right

  1. Every student has the right to have lessons during the school hours, and to take part in the extra-curricular activities of the College
  2. Every student has to right to question any decision take by the school with regard to selections, punishments, etc

Duties of students

  1. To abide by the code of conduct introduced to the students by the College
  2. To be in the uniform at all time in the College
  3. To be present before 7.30 am, and stay in the College till end, which is usually at 2.10 pm
  4. To take part in the curricular and extra- curricular activities as expected by the system
  5. To behave honestly and sincerely at all times in the College
  6. To clean the classroom as allocated by the class-teacher
  7. To keep the classroom, and the rest of the school premises clean and free from elements that may cause health problems and environmental hazards
  8. To keep a couple extra original copies of the birth certificates

Section 4 - Absence
If a student wants to be way from school during working days, he/she should do the following

  1. The parent/authorized guardian should  inform the class-teacher in advance of your absence in writing
  2. If it is more than 3 days, only medical leaves are allowed, if so the students bring a medical certificate from the hospital
  3. The absentees are supposed to catch up with the missing lesson, wand whatever missed
  4. The students will be deemed to have left school for good if he/she has failed to inform absence for more than three months

Section 5 - Leaving school earlier

  1. No student is allowed to leave school earlier
  2. Parents are not allowed to take children home during school hours, as it is considered a form of child abuse
  3. For medical reasons, the class-teacher will deal with the matter in consultation with the Principal

Section 6 - Arrival & Departure

  1. All students must be within the school premises before the start of the College, before 7.30
  2. The students should complete class cleaning as arranged by the class-teacher
  3. No student is allowed to go out during school hours
  4. Students have to leave school after the last bell as per the instructions of the management
  5. No students is allowed into school after two pm without a teacher or an approved coach

Section 7 - Uniform
Primary boys

  1. White vest ,white shirt, blue pair of shorts which run up to the knee, white socks, and simple shoes without designs
  2. The school badge should be stitched the pocket on the left hand side of the shirt
  3. The shirt should be tucked in

 Primary girls

  1. White gown which runs about 6 cm down the knees, white socks to cover the calf, white school shoes, and school tie
  2. Grade 4 and 5 girls should wear white slacks, and white scarf
  3. The school should be stitched on the right hand side on the gown, on the scarf

 Senior boys

  1. White plain trousers, white vest, white short-sleeved shirt, black simple school shoes with lace or Velcro tape
  2. In any place the garments should be at least 3 cm loose from the body
  3. Shoes should be pointed, or high heeled
  4. The badge should be stitched in the pocket on the left hand side
  5. Prefects should wear long-sleeved shirt with the prefect’s badge on the tie
  6. No wrist watch is allowed except in the exam period
  7. No any other ornaments like bangles, chains, rings, etc are allowed in the school, in the play ground, and on trips

 Senior girls

  1. White gown which runs 6 cm down the knees, white slacks, white socks and white school shoes
  2. White plain scarf that has the school badge on the left hand side. It should cover the hair and years

Section 8 - Hair

  1. Hair should be cut short and combed to a side having applied  herbal oil
  2. Hair should not be falling half way down the forehead, onto the nape of the neck, or touching the ears
  3. In any place, the hair should not be longer than 3 cm
  4. No hair dyes other than black should be applied to
  5. No non-natural fashion should be given to hair in any fashion


  1. Hair should be braided into two plaits, and covered by scarf
  2. Hair should not be exposed

Section 9 - Duties of prefects

  1. Discharging duties as entrusted by Discipline Committee of the College
  2. Being in their uniform at all times
  3. Coming to school before other students come to school, and leave school after everyone has left school
  4. Helping the management run the school smoothly
  5. Reporting to the Discipline Committee any mal practices on the part of the students
  6. Being not engaged in any punishments to the students
  7. Taking part in the training programs organized the College and other institutions for prefects
  8. Being initiative, and acting with the sense of responsibility

Prefects’ selection
The following criterions are adopted by the Discipline Committee to select prefects for the Board of Prefects. However, the Discipline committee has the power to modify the criterion as well

  1. Appointments are given through an application, interview procedure
  2. Recruitment is made from grade 10, and any shortages is filled from the other classes
  3. Marks are given for academic as well as extracurricular activities
  4. The performances in the zonal and  provincial level competitions, and national level participation are given marks
  5. Grade 5 scholarships examination and GC O/L examination performances are given marks
  6. Students physical fitness, leadership qualities and communication skills are considered
  7. At all times there are about 80 prefects in the College: 40 boys and 40 girls: roughly one prefect for each 20 students
  8. There should be Senior Prefects and  Junior Prefects form both the boys and girls
  9. Senior and junior prefects are given from those who have been prefects from grade 10 onwards
  10. The class-teacher and the Discipline Committee have the final say about selection. They will consider the overall discipline and conducts of the student
  11. Appointment is subject to a pledge
  12. Appointment will be cancelled in the event of violation of the code of conduct, or any misconduct on the part  of the students

Section 10 - Etiquettes of students
Every student:

  1. Should call the College, Zahira College Mawanella
  2. Stand in politely with extended arms and joined hands between thighs at the front
  3. Ask for excuse, say sorry, and thank when talking with Principal teacehrs
  4. Greet the teacher with Assalamu Alikum, or good morning/afternoon with non-Muslim teachers
  5. Walk on the lanes in the interior roads as directed
  6. Use polite words to call your fellow students
  7. Discard litter properly, keeps the taps closed, and door shut, etc
  8. Speak softly, and maintain softness
  9. Obey the Principal, teachers and prefects
  10. Answer your teachers, never answer back
  11. Be honest and sincere to love the College

Section 11 - Violation of Discipline
The following acts will be considered violation of the code of conduct and punishable offence

  1. Bullying other students in the form hitting, abusing, insulting, threatening, intimidating, harassing, etc
  2. Coming to school late and leaving without permission before school is over
  3. Being in possession or using or transacting of tobacco, or narcotics in any form
  4. Violating the dress code and regulations for hair style
  5. Answering back when teachers talk, or arguing with them
  6. Forming gangs within the school
  7. Vandalizing school properties
  8. Disturbing, harassing, and insulting the prefects
  9. Coming into school without a teacher or coach after school, on holidays and at weekends
  10. Stealing from fellow students, teachers and the canteen

Disciplinary action
The following actions will be taken when a student is proved to have committed a miss-behavior. The Discipline Committee will only decide whether one particular act is a violation of the code of conduct, not the fellow prefects

  1. The class teacher will advice and warn the students on the first occasion
  2. On repeating the same offence, the section head will advice and warn the student and inform the parents of him/her
  3. On the third occasion, the Discipline Teacher will advice and warn the student, and inform the parents of him/her
  4. On repeating the same offence, the student will be suspended for two weeks
  5. On the repeating the same offence for the fifth time will cause the Management to advice the parents to take the student out of the school for good
  6. All such steps will be recorded in the Log
  7. A mirror form is filled by the students on all such occasions and signed by the parent/authorized guardian at home and submitted to the Discipline teacher

Section 12 - Complaints & appeal

  1. Students or their parents have the right to make any written complaint to the principal through the teacher on whatever inconvenience or injustice, which they may think caused
  2. Appeal can also be made by the parents/authorized guardian against any disciplinary action  taken to  a students through written to the Principal
  3. All correspondence should be in formal style – having clear address, contact numbers and signature

Section 13 - Trips

  1. Educational excursions, field trips, camping, hiking, hill climbing, etc should be arranged by the teacher-in-charge, not by the students
  2. Students should submit their medical certificates for events like hill climbing
  3. Students will be in their uniform on the first day of the trip, if it lasts more than one day, on the second day on ward the attire will be modest as instructed by the teacher-in-charge
  4. No ornaments like necklace, bangle, rings, etc are allowed
  5. Each student should submit a letter of consent form the parents or authorized guardian

Section 14 - House system

Each student belongs to one of the four houses: Al Zahira, Al Azhar, Cordowa and Nizamiya. The admission number is divided by four. If the reminder is 0, then the students belongs to Nizamiya, ; if the reminder is 3, the students belongs to Cordowa; if the reminder is two, then the student belongs to Al Zahira; and if the reminder if 0ne, then the students belongs to Al Azhar
Spots Day
Inter House Sports Day is organized to pave the way for child to move up to Olympics level. He/she take part in the school sports competitions, zonal level competitions, provincial levels competition and national level competitions.

  1. All types of athletic event and games will take place in the sports competitions
  2. Selections for the zonal,  provincial, and national level competitions will be on merit: on performance record, or by a trial procedure
  3. Students have the right to challenge any selection made by the MIC or coach

Section 15 - Students’ welfare

  1. Students have the right to found or to belong to welfare societies within the College and work accordingly. All such activities should be done in consultation with the teacher-in-charge
  2. All welfare societies should have their annual general meetings, and submit the annual project to the Management of the College with the minutes of the meeting
  3. All funds collections should be made with the permission of the Principal
  4. Accounts should be audited by a neutral auditor and reports should be submitted to the College at the end of the year

Annex 1

The mirror form
The student should fill this form at home and bring it with the signature of the parents/authorized guardian

The mirror form

What I did



What advice I got



What promise I made to school





……………………………..                                                                  ……………………………………..
Signatue of Student                                                                  Signature of Parent/guradian