Improvement in Ordinary Exam result than last year

The 2016 Ordinary Level results have proven to show a development in the face of education. And yet confirming that it is sustainable with inspiring outcomes as follows.

9A s have been obtained by 11 students
8A s have been obtained by 10 students
7A s have been obtained by 11 students
6A s have been obtained by 15 students
5A s have been obtained by 11 students.

Accordingly, the resukts have been proven to report a sustaibnable development in the process of education. the Principal is to be praised to his timeless efforts from providing occcassional motivation to organizing the indistintive array of seminars.

Also the school teachers are to be mentioned for thir hardwork, co-operation and dedication in bringing up this result. The resource persons are too thanked for their relative efforts in bringing out this impressive result.

The School development committee is grateful to the Principal, teachers, parents, OBA (Old Boys’ association), OGA (old Girls’ Association) and all the well-wishers for their sincere movements for this upliftment.