Formation of the Social Media Team

The inaugural meeting of the "Social Media team' of the college was held on the 12.11.2017.  It was conducted by Master Ammar Ahamed.  The meeting saw an engaging crowd of over 150 participants. They were presented with slides that revealed their responsibilities, advantages and also about the skills and other such necessities required.

The team consists of enthusiastic designers and writers. The Team looks forward to expanding!, This is the place where the students' skills are harvested creating positive dimensions regardlessly.

The students would be working with the OBA, SDC and the administration to bring out quality content.

The Social media team would be soon responsible for the college's online presence. Accordingly, the College social media channels are formed as to cope to provide the necessary and important updates to the community around in its most effective way possible!

The College hopes to provide experience to the budding generation; as a College that is worthwhile in bringing up globally challenging individuals.

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