English Day – Zonal Level Results

The college has a total of 07 first places, 07-second places and 02 third places in the Zonal level English day Competitions.

The College is thankful to the Principal, English teachers and all the wellwishers in bringing this result. The Names of the students, their event, and their place has been listed down in the following table.
Student's Name Event Place
A.M Mariyam Hand Writing First
M.N Naveed Dictation Third
M.N Naveed Creative Writing Second
M.R.Z Nula Dictation First
A.R Hiba Hand Writing (cursive) Third
M.A.F Azriya Recitation Second
T.F.N Rashida Creative Writing Second
M.N Mariyam Shifa Hand Writing Second
M.I.F Ashkira Hand Writing First
M.H.M Rushdhiya Hand Writing (cursive) Second
M.I.F Shihara Dictation First
T.F.N Radhida Creative Writing Second
M.R Hana Prepared Speech First
M.I Ammar Ahamed Impromtu Speech First
M.I Ayyash Ahamed Impromtu Speech Second
m.S Safiyya Dictation First
Ayna Zein Hand Writing Third
M.R Aala Recitation Second

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