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Either it being tapping of the finger, followed by slipping the tip to scroll, or just the use of the usual mouse wades or trackpad touches; Glimpsing across the newsfeed and scrolling across has increased in a rapid pace.

Social media are computer-mediated technological platforms that allow and facilitate creation, viewing and sharing of information.
It has become the most prominent form of communication as for its efficiency and productivity. This mode provides great scalability, speed and accuracy in diversified customizable forms; enabling the message to reach target audiences effectively.

Accordingly, the College social media channels are formed as to cope to provide the necessary and important updates to the community around in its most effective way possible!

The College Website publishes news, announcements, and other important information parallel to the Facebook page, twitter profile and Instagram profile
Apart from this, the social media team felt the need for a platform to voice the thoughts, views, suggestions and comments of the fellow interested parties- OBA, SDC, Teachers, Students So, we are hoping to cater to this need by allowing the users to publish in the following platform.

Escalating beyond this. The team made history by launching the first college based - social media app that is believed to create a closer-knit community where the user(community) can join in conversations, share photos, learn about events and find contact info and build relationships. We are hoping to facilitate live video/ audio streams and other features soon.

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