Australian National Chemistry Quiz Contest

The Students of the College secured Distinction, Credits and other places in the competition that was held on the 07.12.2017 with a participation of over 3000 students. The competition was organized by the Royal Australian Institute ANC

the name of the students’, their class and their results are as follows

High Distinction
Fathima Zahra Zarook – 11 E
Imthiyas Ammar Ahamed – 11 E
Mohamed Nawshad Nahla- 11 E

M.N Sadir Ahamed 11 E
M.K Abdul Haliq 11 B
M.N Nasma Rayath 11 X
M.N. Nifla 11 Y

M.N.M Aathif 11 B
M.F Amar Abdullah 11 E
F. Faizan Ahamed 11 B
H.M.F Nusha 11 Y
M.Z Nadha 11 X
M.R.F Ruhma 11 X

The Science teachers who guided them,
M.A.I Najah
T.L Nisha
M.F.F Shaheedha


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