Annual General Meeting – Students’ Media Forum

The Students' Media Forum proudly holds the title of ' the most vivid and vigorous quality circle in school'. This is due to vibrant advancements that it was up within the following years.
Accordingly, The Students were taken to the Sri Pada National College of Education to have their Annual General Meeting. Having the occasion in a verdant place as such was itself admirable. A total of nearly 100 students took part in the event that was attended by dignitaries too. Madam Abeysekara- the President of the College; being the Chief guest for the occasion, she collaborated on the virtues of teaching and its importance. Mr. Ameer Hussian who was among the guests present shared some tips on how to write articles that media would publish. Amid the other guests present were Mrs. Hasana (DP), Mr. Zamny (VP), Mr. Rismy - the Former Secretary of the SDC and the current overseas OBA coordinator, Members of the OGA and Past Students.
The Teacher-in-charge Mrs. Nuzha addressed upon the aims and objectives of the circle
The past members were awarded certificates recognizing their efforts and roles played. 25 other members were awarded certificates appreciation relating to their efforts put into one of the Flagship events of the SMF- the Zest Launch
The new Committee was elected and prescribed their duties.
The students spent their afternoon at Devon, St. Clair's and at Gregory lake.
The Day was not just a day that reinforced the posts, but it was also a day that defines the vision of the year ahead.      

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