Zahira College Mawanella, the home of 3500 day-school-children from all around Sri Lanka, begins her path for the spots world with the inter house sports competitions. It is usually held once in two years in the school play ground. From there, the children are filtered to the zonal level, provincial level and national level sports competitions, which are jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Sports.

At Zahira, the children are put into the houses: Al Azhar, Al Zahra, Cordowa, and Nizamiya. These names were proposed by late Mr. Abdul Hakem, the principal of Zahira in 2006/7. They are/were all leading Islamic universities in the world.

The children are put into houses by dividing their index/admission numbers: if the number is divisible by four with remainder zero the child falls into the Nizamiya House; if the remainder is one the child falls into the Al Zahira House; if the remainder is two, then the child falls into the Al Azhar House; and if it is three then the children is in the Cordova House.

Usually, the inter house competitions are held in a well-organized manner, so as to inculcate the organizational behaviors to the students to the academic staff. The winners get certificates and medals