A/L Results 2017

The release of the 2017 A/L results brings out a  blissful recognition cooperating the College to withhold its unbeaten glory. In this manner, the streams of Science, Commerce, and Arts has managed to produce joyous results.

Accordingly, 4 Students are eligible to apply to the medical faculty and 4 others are eligible for the engineering faculty. A.G.F Rashada has secured the 2nd place in the district. A.H.M Jusail (Deputy Head Prefect) has acquired 3rd place in the district and M.N.M Shaja has secured the 1st place in the District-ICT  .  S.M.F Hamdha – the Head girl of the College acquired 24th place in the district- Commerce.  M.A.F Rizla secured the 6th place.

The College is thankful to the principal, teachers, Members of the SDC, OBA, OGA and all the Well-Wishers who put in their efforts in the process.

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